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Platform & CRM For Restaurants.For
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Integrated system for managing restaurant delivery operations,
streamline your business process and boost daily performance

Order Management Module

   Multi Channel Order Taking Interface
Unified interface for entering orders from call center, online apps, web or social media. Order will be automatically printed to the branch using Branch Allocation Module and customer profile


Customer Profile & calls pop-up
    View customer profile and ordering pattern before placing order, add new customers on the fly and use the strong CRM module for upselling and cross-selling.


Trade Zones Manager
   Branch allocation module will manage branches data and trade areas, allowing for strict order distribution stream and prevents conflicts between trade areas.


Virtual POS
   Upload menus and use the virtual POS anywhere, all items are aligned through unified interface to facilitate order taking and management.
Call Center Module
    Directly connect to your PBX through simple API, call center systems such as Q-Max are seamlessly integrated with FoodLogic to retrieve customer data in simple pop-up.
On-Line Channels
   Orders from on-Line channels can be added manually or through FoodLogic rich set of APIs, and redirected to unified destination in the branch.

Delivery Module

Robust & easy to use mobile app for drivers to receive orders dispatched from branches using Foodlogic Branch Dashboard
Orders can be assigned in numerous ways including offered, assigned and competitive dispatching

-Real-Time order status registration (Order Accepted, Order Picked, Order on the road and order delivered)
-Real-Time order tracking using GPS module and Google(c) Maps.

3rd Party Delivery Platforms integration using flexible API interface, Foodlogic Delivery Module can integrate with 3rd party’s application in 2-way model and continuously update order status.

Menu Manager

Single Menu interface
   Unified menu management interface, by integrating FoodLogic to your POS, menu updates and changes can be populated to all connected channels (Call Center, Online Channels …etc.)


Smart Menu Manager
   Mange food categories, items, modifiers and side-dishes on the fly, each item can be priced or taxed separately according to the existing business model


Real-Time Availability Status
   Real-Time items availability update, branch can disable items across all channels making it unavailable for ordering and vice versa.


Restaurant CRM & API Integration

Know Your Customers
    Customer profiling with detailed information such as gender, location, preferred food, average basket value, order frequency ...etc.
Information can be used in conjugation with loyalty programs and promotional channels such as SMS or digital marketing


Tickets Creation & Management
    Flexible tools to define and classify tickets into groups to facilitate call engagements, agents will use simple dropdown menus to label calls, which will improve handling time and first calls resolution.


Business Process Automation
   Using KPIs defined during ticket creation, tickets will be assigned to appropriate back office for resolution under pre-defined service level, escalation and notification modules can be used to handle any SLA violation


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